Happy Birthday Darling!

A close friend of mine’s birthday is coming up and I knew it was the perfect opportunity to put my new nib and skills to good use! I recently bought a Nikko G nib after it had been recommended overwhelmingly by some of my favorite calligraphers.  Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!! It writes so beautifully and smoothly, just makes me wish I bought it earlier! The hairlines are so thin and delicate while the downstrokes are bold and beautiful.


After testing it out a bit I decided to go for the card.  I recently saw some tutorials on card art by The Postman’s Knock that I’ve been dying to try out so what better opportunity?

Here’s the finished product looks like.  Pretty happy with it myself!


I used a combination of dip pen, micron pens, and colored pencils.  The card and envelope are from Michaels and the pen in the photo is Swarovski.  I like how the banner came out though going forward I’m going to lay it out in pencil first.  This was all done freehand so there’s a bit of inconsistency that kind of bothers me.  Nevertheless I’m still loving it overall and I’ll just get better with more practice! Let me know what you think in the comments below.  I welcome any and all critiques and tips!




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