Why I Write


I started this blog as a creative outlet for me.  I have always been fascinated by typography, art, doodling, pens, stationary, color, and design.  Even as a little girl, my favorite part about going back to school was shopping for school supplies!  I was that super giddy little girl walking around Target with her mom and a basket full of pencils, erasers, notebooks and caddies.  Fast forward to me now and I still find joy and excitement when it comes to opening that box that just arrived with fresh new brush markers or gel pens.  Discovering a new brand of office supplies to swoon over is a favorite pastime of mine.

Through this obsession of mine and the invention of Instagram and hastags, I have been able to open my eyes to a world of like minded people just as obsessed with hand lettering and drawing.   I have found my people!  They provide inspiration on a daily basis.  Whether I’m hitting a creative roadblock or just need to brighten my mood, I know that after scrolling through my feed I’ll find something that resonates with me.

So I suppose that brings me to the topic of today’s post.  Why do I write?  I write for myself!  I write to inspire.  I write to bring my creativity to the world of like minded creatives.  And that is also why I decided to start this blog.  While my Instagram account is my baby, sometimes you need to show more than just one photo with one caption.  I felt like I needed a place to further delve into the process behind my work and inspiration for it all.  I hope that I can build this blog to be a place for people to come and enjoy, relax, feel inspired and leave happy.

This brings me to my next point:  my goals!  When I sat down and really thought about what goals I have for this blog in the coming year, I really wanted to dig deep and see why it is that I started this and what I hope to gain from it.  Here’s what I have so far.  Granted, this might change over time, but I suppose its best to start somewhere and see where things go from there!

  1. To establish a community of people who are engaged and excited about the content I am providing.  To have real relationships (even if they are online) with like minded people and creatives. This involves active dialogue and correspondence.
  2. To establish myself as a go-to in calligraphy and hand lettering inspiration.  To be a major resource for those who are just getting started and those who just need a little boost. I want my name to be well known and recognized in this field.
  3. To establish a business where I can use my skills for creating personalized works for weddings, parties, homes, and gifts.  I want to grow my Etsy shop and have a true business that I can call my own and sustain my family with.

So that’s where I am right now.  Let me know what you think!  I’d love to hear some feedback on anything… my Instagram, my tutorial, goals, it’s all fair game.

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