Watercolor Thank You Cards

File_000 (46)

Hi lovelies!  Sorry its been a minute since I’ve posted but things here have been a little hectic.  Anyways, I wanted to quickly show you these beautiful custom watercolor thank you cards that I worked on for a client recently.  I had listed place cards in this style recently on my Etsy shop and this person absolutely loved the design and asked that I make thank you card versions of them.  How could I not!?  Sounded like a great project and I am a huge fan of the Thank You card.  Perhaps its because I’ve gone through many milestone moments in life that usually bring gifts and support.  Marriage, having a baby, son’s 1st birthday… these are all occasions that call for thank you cards.  Lots and lots and lots of thank you cards.  Fortunately for me, I absolutely love to write letters to people and what better way to practice your calligraphy than to hand letter dozens of cards?  I typically buy my cards because I need so many, however now that I’m big in this lettering game I decided that this will now be something that I personalize even further.  I mean who wouldn’t love that?

For this particular set, my client wanted to thank various friends for helping her out with a wedding.  So, each card was hand watercolored and hand calligraphed with each person’s name.  She was including them in a gift so it added that perfect extra personal touch.  I really love how these came out.  They are simple, elegant, and beautiful.  The blue is romantic but not too feminine so it can be used for men or women.  And the font is totally customizable.  We went with a more modern formal style here but I would love to see them in a dramatic flourish or even a playful whimsical style.  Each card was also hand cut and folded by me.  Lots of love and lots of time went into these and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!  Let me know what you guys think about these?  Listed them on my Etsy shop too 🙂

File_001 (23)

File_000 (47)

File_002 (18)

File_000 (45)

I love packaging!

Have a great day!




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