Tis the Season!


Hi there!  I am so excited its that time of year.  When Starbucks cups turn their infamous red, everywhere you go is blasting Christmas music, store displays sparkle so bright you can see them a mile away, and the leaves start turning color.  There’s just something in the air that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Naturally, with my love of the holidays and my love of design, I decided to create a couple of fun Christmas and Hanukkah cards!  I wanted these to be playful and happy and I’m really happy with how these came out.  What I especially love is that they’re being printed on this incredible textured velvety cardstock so you know they’ll be impressive.  😉  How many of you send holiday cards?  I am a lover of snail mail so for me , this is an absolute must every year for sure!  I might be creating some personalized ones just for my family but haven’t decided yet.  We shall see!




One thought on “Tis the Season!

  1. Laura Varelas says:

    Had birthday cards made for 2 of my best friend’s and they LOVED THE ARTWORK AND calligraphy. I love how personal the cards are made and with wonderful stationery!! Amazing !!


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